How Do I...

This is a guide to take you through the main functionalities of our website.

So How Do I...                                     

  • ...Find a Movie

In the main page you will find the main slider with movie selected by our team. From thee slider you can watch the trailer of the movie or go the movie page directly. A list of popular movies is also available under the main slider.

You may search for a specific movie in the search bar on the upper right corner. As you type the movie name the movie itself will appear. Click on it. Here you may also search for an actor.

To go through all our movies select "MOVIES" from the main menu at the top. Now you may see ALL our movies in pages sorted by "Most Rated First" by default. If you wish to sort by newest additions first, choose "Newly Added First". Other options include Filtering by Genre, Title, Actor, Release Date Before or/and After, Min and/or Max Rating.

  • ...see information of a Movie

Now that you found the movie you are looking for, click on it. You will now be able to see the movie page with all the movie information you may need including the trailer which you may watch from within our website, the genre, plot, cover, director, cast, release date, tmdb & metacritic rating, language country, runtime, budget, revenue, various images from the movie, as well as reviews from various popular sources and comments made... by each and every one of you. Under the movie

  • ...see information of an Actor/Actress

Under the movie information you may select one of the cast to see his / her own page. In the cast page, you will find detailed information including, name sort biography (a link with the detailed bio is also available), picture, date of birth, number of movies, first / last movie with link to see the movie, as well as a list with the complete filmografy with links to each movie. You may also browse ALL the Actors/Actresses selecting "People" from the main menu at the top.

  • ...see information of a TV Series

TV Series are not yet supported by our website. They will soon, don't worry... we are on it ;)

  • a movie

In this website you will find ONLY 1080p HD quality from a verified source called RARBG (the most verified source in the movie sharing industry the past 10 years). In the movie page, on the right upper corner of the trailer, you will find a box which says "Download 1080p". This will download the torrent file of the movie.

WE DONT USE TORRENT FILES, WE USE MAGNET LINKS. Magnet links (basically the same thing as torrents) are links containing information to download the movie (just like the torrent files). Every software that handles torrent files, handles magnet links as well. You may open this file with various software out there, free and paid. The most common and popular one out the is utorrent and you can download it for free at You will have to set the torrent software you are using to handle the magnet link. There are no torrent files to download from us. Just click the magnet link and the torrent software that handles it will open automatically. 

Opening the link with this software will start to download the movie itself. Please be patient.. some movies may take some time although our source has the best picture/audio quality to file size ratio (HD movies with small file size)

  • ...Watch a movie

There are several players you may choose from. Some of the best players on the net are BSPlayer -, VLC - and KMPlayer - We prefer BSPlayer due to the automated functionality on finding subtitles.

The best way though is NOT to download the torrent first and THEN to watch it. It is to STREAM it the time you wish to watch the movie. There is only one way to do this and it is called... ISOPLEX After you Download and  install isoplex, choose the movie of your choise from hdmoviecenter download the torrent file and open it through ISOPLEX. Now let ISOPLEX do its magic!!! You will wait about 30 seconds and the movie will start playing. Thats it... ENJOY! Peace of cake right?

  • ...find subtitles for my language

One way is to search for the subtitle online in a website like

The best way though is to play the movie using BSPlayer - You can set the player automatically to find, download and load the subtitle for the movie you want to watch.

  • ...Write a Review/Comment

In a movie select Reviews or Comments and click on "Write One". To be able to do this you will have to be registered user and have logged into our website.

  • ...Register / Log In

To register select "Register" on the upper right corner. Choose your own username, password, email, click create account and... you are done. Click on Login, enter your credentials and... you are in!!! Your email is safe with us. We are legit, we don't spam!

If you have forgotten your password, click on the corresponding link, enter  you email that you have given us and an email will the password will be sent to this email.

You may also Log in using your Face book, Twitter or Google account credentials clicking on the corresponding buttons in the login page.

  • ...See news from the Site

In the main page on the right you will find "Latest  News". You may also click on "News" from the main menu to see a list of all the post we input.

  • ... Contact hdmoviecenter

Just click on "Contact Us" at the bottom right corner of the website. Fill in the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively send us an email to